Monday, March 25, 2013

Ladies and Gents, Bad Prep means Bad Run.

First off, my freakingly awesome Mizuno Prophecy 2 trainers are in dee hooooouse! 

Now, celebrations aside, this is a bit of a bad news bears post. While my Mizunos were magical (review coming tomorrow, totally not sponsored) my preparations were not. This is where I need to reign it all in big time people. I can my energy and stamina dissipating and I know it's from bad food choices, a few glasses of wine here and there and later nights. Yes, it was my birthday and I enjoyed cake and wine and dining out, but it's time to stop. There's been events every weekend, and they've all caught up with me and stopped me in my tracks. 

The other thing I've come to realise is now that I'm eating as clean as possible, my body can't tolerate rich, heavy food. Once upon a time Pork Belly was a fave, but when I ordered it Saturday night (complete with mash and a rich sticky Asian sauce) I could feel that it was too much for me. A stomach ache later that night, and a sickly feeling in the morning meant that my run was toast. It was supposed to be a light, pacey 10km but a gurgley stomach and my pretrainer drink threatening to come up every five minutes or so (sorry about the TMI) meant that it was totally uncomfortable. Add a crippling stitch where it felt like someone short an arrow through me just under my ribcage meant I had to stop running at 8km and walk the 2km home. 

I'm mentally slapping myself now. You know that cliche, go hard or go home? Well it definitely applies here and I can't half-ass my training anymore. I'm going hard for the next two weeks, getting back into my clean eating, good food choices and back into the pool. Earlier nights and stronger mentality. I've slipped too far down and I don't want to go into this half marathon scared, under prepared and full of doubt. 

It's time to be tough, and the tough starts now. 

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