Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Healthy Banana and Almond Spread Snack.


Once upon a time (ahem only about three months ago) an afternoon snack to me meant something to satisfy my sugar cravings. Roll around 3pm and I would be opening that pantry door for either a White Choc and Macadamia Cookie or a home baked muffin delight. In order to rein in my eating habits I barred those tasty little morsels from entering our abode, and replaced them with natural yoghurt, blueberries and chia seeds. 

In order to change it up a bit, I wanted to make a snack that Carter could also get stuck into. I'd seen the frozen peanut banana 'sandwiches' on Pinterest, and whipped some up that afternoon. One big change though- as Carter has a peanut allergy I used Almond Spread instead. 

Slice up a banana... grab some Almond Spread...

... pop some Almond Spread on one slice of banana and sandwich with another slice...

...continue until all the banana has been 'sandwiched' then pop in the freezer for a few hours!

I had totally planned to show the end result, but my munchkin scoffed them all down before I had a chance! Appears that these are a winner. Almond spread is a great alternative to peanut butter. Although it may be higher in calories, it's low in saturated fat and cholesterol and also contains a high level of protein. A nice way to spice up a banana! 

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