Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hamilton Island- The Island of Happiness.

Waaay back in April, I went on a trip that could only be described as perfect. 

This trip had taken months of planning and preparation and just had to be special. It was my little sister's Hen's party-slash-holiday and the pressure was on with me being the Maid of Honour and all to make it super fabulous. Luckily, I had three of the most beautiful girls who were also part of the wedding party- Sarah, Em and Crystal- to consult with, and between us we made the trip a week to remember. 

Destination- the Tropical Paradise of Hamilton Island. Or, as my sister Lanna and I now refer to it, the Island of Happiness. 

It all started off with the idea that we wanted a a perfect girls week full of sunshine, laughter, watersports and of course, cocktails. After tossing around a few ideas for accommodation we settled upon an apartment through Stayz and Panorama 11 was absolutely amazing. We road tripped it from Mackay to Airlie beach and as soon as we stepped off the ferry and were taken to our apartment there were excited squeals all around. Yes, I am a 31 year old and I still squealed. 

A double story 2 bedroom apartment overlooking Plum Pudding Island complete with golf buggy and inquisitive cockatoos and kookaburras? Could it get any better? Um, yes, apparently it could. Our own pool too? Woohoo! A big tick yes in all the boxes!

The golf buggy was a huge novelty for us, and we whizzed around that island exploring every single place that we possibly could. That night we decided upon the Manta Ray Cafe where I had the most amazing Seafood Spaghetti ever and a Raspberry Chocolate Brownie cocktail which was seriously like a dessert in a glass. Once again I lived by my motto that calories simply don't count when you're away from home! 


And now time for some watersports? Yes please!

I was up for anything while on the Island of Happiness. I was playing the yes game, which meant that I was going to answer in the affermative to anything that was posed to me (err, within reason). 

Parasailing? Yes! Tube riding? Yes! Paddleboarding? Yes! Kayaking? Yes! 

Cocktails at the swim up bar? On go on, twist my arm. 


I was beyond excited to give Parasailing a go. I'd been counting down the days until I was hitched to that parachute and it was certainly everything I'd hoped for and more. It was a feeling of utter freedom and exhilaration as we circled around Hamilton Island and Crystal and I couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces. Amazing. 

Next on our list was tube riding, and although I'd been tube riding once or twice in the Murray River back home, I was about to find out that this was a whole different ball game.

I was very unprepared. 


For the first few minutes, it was awesome. Then our driver decided he'd had enough of playing safe, and thought it was time we experienced the ocean. After one sharp turn to create a massive wave we all crashed together flying across the ocean and somehow I ended up upside down, losing my boardies and  popped up completely disorientated to see Lanna's bracelet floating past me. 

It turned out to be a game of survival as we clung on for dear life for the rest of the ride. I was absolutely exhausted by the end and my muscles got a workout that they hadn't seen for quite some time. Killer! 

Smiles all round at the start...

It all goes smoothly and then...


Five very waterlogged, exhausted and disorientated girls. We need cocktails. Stat 

We wanted to spend a night out to celebrate Lan's Hen's night, and just go crazy and have a great time. We hit Boheme's Nightclub where we took over the dance floor and err... what happens in Hammo stays in Hammo...

Suffice to say, there were a few sore heads the next day and it was a unanimous decision to just take it easy and sloth around the island for a bit. Sunbaking by the beach with a book, drinking Snickers and Cherry Ripe thickshakes from the Marina Deli and hanging out in the gorgeous pool surrounded by a tropical landscape. I know. It sounds terrible, doesn't it? 

We finished our amazing trip with fish and chips for tea and listend to live music in front of the marina on a balmy evening. Picnic rugs and wine. I remember thinking that this sort of moment was so very rare, and how lucky I was so have this incredibly special memory to look back on in the future. 

Hamilton Island seems to have this magical quality to it where real life is suspended, and you find yourself living moment to moment in a state of perpetual playtime. Everything is just so beautiful and picturesque and appears to have a glow about it. Looking over at my sister, all I could feel was incredibly grateful that I could spend this dream holiday with her and also proud that between the four of us girls, her wedding party, we'd given her the most fabulous week we possibly could. 

Hamilton Island, you were definitely the Island of Happiness. I hope one day to bring Deon and my Little Lion here so they can experience the sort of perfection that I did. Love you Queensland! 

Thank you to Lan and Crystal for allowing me to use your photos!


  1. I love Hamilton Island. I know I went a month after you, but we stayed at the same place. Perfect location. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. I want to go back sooo much! It really is the most perfect place isn't it? xx

  3. YAY you blogged about it GO YOU!!! Sounds like a fantabulous trip xx

  4. Aw, thanks honey! It was absolutely fabulicious x

  5. What a wondeful holiday! That's such a wonderful idea for a hens! It's looks like you guys had such a fantastic holiday!

  6. Clare, it was the perfect place for a hens! I want to go back right now :P


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