Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tomorrow is Another Day.


So sometimes... thing's just don't go your way. 

We'd planned to move house (back to our original one at that- we've been housesitting my parents for the last two years) abut two months ago, so I had ample time to prepare. I was cool about it. I was going to pack little bits at a time and be all organised and be the most super awesome house mover there ever was with all my labelled boxes and no, there was not going a whole heap of mis-matched weird stuff that I was going to struggle to find places for. I was going to cull the shit out of everything.

And then, as the days drew near, I realised that was never going to happen. 

Last week I was away in Melbourne on a school camp. Nothing got done at home. On Monday and Tuesday I started frantically packing what I could, calling to reconnect our phone and internet at the original house and dragging Carter backwards and forwards from one place to the other. I freaked out on Wednesday when I was back at work and realised reports were due on Friday. And then on Thursday....

Carter got gastro.

The poor kid was sick multiple times through the night. The real kicker though? I'd packed all the linen bar a few a old single sheets and it was aaaaaallllllll at the other place.

Shoot me now.

With a combo of odd single bed sheets, random pillow cases and towels we managed to cover changing his sheets three times. The washing machine was on overload. We were tired to the max, and the next day the poor kid was dragged to the new place to keep unpacking. At 5pm, I slumped in a chair and opened the laptop. The phone had been reconnected and the wireless... wait? What the hell? Why wasn't the internet working?

The poor lady at Telstra Bigpond had to break it to me that the internet wouldn't be connected for another three to five working days. I was mute with disbelief for a few seconds then beseechingly asked if she could do anything about getting it done faster. She very politely informed me that she couldn't.

Panic.Withdrawals. I was going to have to be a Macca's wench and sit in McCafe to use their free wifi to check my emails, use internet banking and of course, BLOG.

Then Deon came to my rescue and gave me his portable internet usb thingy and I told him I loved him to infinity. 

So, that's where I am right now. A little disconnected and a little tired, but feeling right back at home in our original place and like the lovely Miss Liza from Life With Three Under Three said to me, tomorrow is another day...


  1. I hear you loud and clear. We spent a year moving from housesit to parents to housesit before we bought our house. I wanted to be sooo organised, but unfortunately with two little ones I failed miserably. Been here over. A year and still have boxes of random stuff!

  2. The Camera ChroniclesJune 3, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    Having moved a couple of times and preparing to move again (with little kids in tow), I totally get everything you just wrote! The gastro was a cruel twist - totally feel for you. But slowly, slowly...we get the important stuff done :) P.S. I would have freaked at being told I had no Internet connection...I'm guessing that's your line of sanity :)

  3. its a new day and fingers crossed its a better day - nothing wrong with being a maccas wench, think of the hash browns mmmmmm

    hugs babe, I totally hear you on the gastro thing. My littlest had it last week and it went for 8 days!! Throw in a toddler with it too and well lets just say I've done my share of shitty nappies recently.

    enjoy the new/old place xx

  4. Oh my lord, I am sorry you have had such a bad run! Sometimes things just don't go as you expect them to. My last four months has been an exercise in everything that can go wrong, will. I am hoping that this is just a run of lessons that will make me stronger without killing me and are the bridge I need to cross before i get to a good patch! Moving is a bitch at the best of times - I am happy you are back in your original home and hope that Testra keeps their five day promise regarding the interwebs x

  5. Aw Hannah, I'm so sorry you're having a bad run too! I still blame everything on Winter :P I've had a bit of good luck, the internet Gods have smiled down on me and I'm connected. Yay! Here's hoping things improve for the both of us! xx

  6. Oh no Liza! One is bad enough, but two? Eek!

    I thought we were over the worst and was just beginning to breathe, when he had a few more power spews tonight. Sigh. Looks like a trip to the docs again tomorrow! xx

  7. Oh, it sure it :P I don't know how I lived without it! We seem to be doing it slowly, slowly too.. but I guess we'll get there in the end! xx

  8. I'm forcing myself to cull anything that doesn't fit in a particular spot, and so far it seems to be working. Here's hoping it stays that way! xx

  9. You slacker! (joking) :)

  10. Haha! What I would give for a slacker day right now... :P

  11. Wow, when things get busy they really get crazy huh!  I hope everything is slowly getting back to normal for you and I hope your gorgeous little boy is feeling better x


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