Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rainbow Connection.


I don't know what it is lately, but I've been crazy for big slices of colour. Now, this is quite shocking and unusual for a neutral-black-cream-white sorta girl like me, so I'm scratching my head and puzzling over it. Give me aquas, hot pinks, tangerines and limes, throw 'em at me. (Er, not literally the fruit. In fashion form preferably please.)

This morning I drooled over the fashion in Camilla's runway show shot by Danimezza (if you haven't seen them, get on over there pronto as they are to die for), and I'm just itching to try baking with rainbow cupcakes or rainbow biscuits this afternoon. I'm about to paint my nails in turquoise and I just bought this gorgeous little aqua print from Etsy that is SO me, and just adorable. I can't wait to display it when we move in a month (oh yes, we're moving again. Headache.)

While strolling down the mall and off to pick up some lunch from the bakery after swimming lessons, I stopped and became mesmerised by the carnival of colour that was happening in the storefront of Karma Kamelon- multicoloured strands of red and orange beads playing alongside cobalt feathers and coloured animal prints. Divine. 

Karma Kameleon- So much delicious colour! 

Like I said, normally I gravitate towards blacks, charcoals and greys but I want part of this colour phenomenon. Maybe subconsciously my head is telling me to surround myself with this palette as it brings me happiness. Whatever, it doesn't matter. Bring it on!

Are you into something lately that you never thought you would be? 



  1. I'm the same with interiors at the moment. I'm a neutrals girl from way back, but at the moment I can not get enough colour! I say we embrace it!

  2. Haha, we will! Bring on the colour! xx


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