Friday, May 11, 2012

More Chocolatey Goodness thanks to Pinterest!

Each night once the Little Lion is asleep I curl up on the couch with my cup of tea, a few squares of dark chocolate and an episode from a TV series of the moment Deon and I are into (currently The Walking Dead ) and for the next couple of hours I pin to my hearts content. There's something about Pinterest that's so calming and addictive... it's like the happiest, most beautiful place on the whole internet. Total love. 

So anyway, I know I did a chocolate post last year, but I couldn't help myself and decided to do another this week. There's so many gorgeous chocolate images and recipes out there, that there's more than enough for two posts! So, bring on that chocolate deliciousness! 

Source: via Rhian on Pinterest

So which one will you be whipping up this weekend? I bags the crepe layer cake!

All images can be found on my Pinterest boards.

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  1. Yuuuum! I made a devil's food cake last night as a birthday cake for a friend. Just threw the rest out so I don't eat it and get a gluten/sugar attack!


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