Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Little 'What I Wore' Snack.

A little 'What I wore' snack for your Thursday night. Was just a tad bit chilly leaving at 7am to get the Little Lion to daycare and myself to work, so I've gone for a woolen Red Berry grey and black striped tunic over a black long sleeved Cotton On shirt. Also from Cotton On is the black scarf and I bought the grey leg warmers and fingerless black gloves from Factorie

To finish off, I'm wearing black leggings from Jeans West, flat knee length boots from Novo and the silver feather necklace is courtesy of Lovisa. A splash of hot pink lipstick to liven it up and add a bit of colour! 

Apologies for the bad lighting. Natural lighting is a little hard to come by on working days now that daylight savings has disappeared! Hmm... where are my photography kids when I need them? 

So spill, what did you wear today?



  1. you look so cute! love the leg warmers under boots, super cute!!!

    Today I wore a two in one top (cardi and top) from Ezibuy, Jeans from Autograph, Little Miss Naughty socks and slouch boots from Ezibuy. I love winter for layers and boots!!!

  2. It IS getting colder and colder these mornings isn't it? And I'm not liking the lack of daylight either - makes taking outfit piccies pretty challenging! Great dress - stripes are always a win for me :)

  3. You look gorgeous! I am struggling terribly with dressing for this awful weather. I just hate the cold and to make it worse I threw out most of my winter threads so I am at a loss for what to wear. Shopping time, I think!

  4. Thanks Hannah! I'm struggling with the cold and really need to get some new threads too. Lots of chunky knits I think! 

  5. It sure is, walking out to the frost and fog isn't exactly welcoming. How many days until Summer? :P

  6. Aw, thanks love! Leg warmers are my new fave thing. The Little Miss Naughty socks sound so cute! 


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