Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guest Post- Threenage Love from Life With 3 Under 3.

Miss Liza is very special to me. I first stumbled across her in a forum when I was planning my wedding back in 2007, and we found ourselves in the same online mum's group when I was pregnant with the Little Lion. She's since gone on to have two more little ones which makes three under three... hence the title of her warm and funny blog Life With 3 Under 3! What a superstar! You can also find Liza on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

My little man, affectionately known as Monkey Man will be 3 in July. 

Not that you'd guess it by looking at his cheeky smile, angelic blue eyes and blonde cherub like hair but at the moment we're in the hellish land of threenager. There are daily mega tantys, lots of 'NO' and lots of arguing, stamping of feet and hitting out. And thats just me. I love him dearly but he is a bit of a handful right now. There are however moments of pure joy that make you forget all about the episodes and embarrassment;

  • hearing him tell my Mum 'I missed you Nanny'
  • seeing the way his whole face lights up when he sees my Mum or my hubby. watching him run to them for cuddles and kisses
  • hearing him tell my hubby 'miss you Daddy'
  • hearing him tell my hubby 'you left me behind Daddy' complete with sad face
  • hearing him comfort his baby sister, telling her its ok and there's no need to cry
  • hearing from his daycare teachers what a delight he is, how helpful and how he listens and does as he's told and asked. how they wish the other kids were like him. trust me, I've asked they're sure they're talking about MY son??
  • having him tell me at the top of his lungs 'that man is brown mummy' as we walk through the supermarket. well yes he was but perhaps we could tone our observations down a little as I'm sure they heard you in China
  • seeing him play with and teach his younger sisters new things and words
  • having him ask for a cuddle
  • watching him learn and grow, in particular seeing him do something I've shown him, like share or build a tower
  • going to get him out of bed this afternoon from his nap and finding him completely naked. why? because he needed a wee of course. thankfully he didnt wee in the bed!

and the piece de resistance for me??

  • hearing my son tell me he loves me, un prompted and totally heartfelt. Makes all the shitty times totally worth it, makes all the bad times disappear. I love you too Monkey Man, nawww.

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  1. If mothers the world over read your blog they would nod......and smile. It is beautifully honest and loving. As you are.


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