Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Dirt Road Catwalk- Leopard.

Hey there! Welcome back to our Dirt Road Catwalk! 

Don't be fooled by that bright cornflour sky. This morning was chilly with a capital C. And what do you do on those mornings that are so Chilly (with a capital C) it seriously takes your breath away? You layer it up baby! 

As soon as I woke that morning, I knew it was time to pull out the leopard print. I have a thing about animal print though, if I wear it then everything else needs to be super understated. The leopard is the star of this party, it doesn't need to share the limelight with anyone else! To combat the cold, I layered the dress with woolen black tights and a black long sleeved top. I debated over which boots to wear, but went with the knee length pair for extra warmth. 

I only needed a few accessories with this outfit- a black belt to cinch in the waist, a long necklace in brass and a chunky bangle. If you have the same body type as I do- rectangular with no defined curves- I always find that a belt around the waist is helpful to give the illusion of curves. 

What else? A messy updo and a slick of cherry coloured lipstick to finish it off. Gotta add a bit of colour amongst all that black! Oh, and hello again Witchery sunnies! 

Outfit details-

Leopard Dress from Factorie
Woolen Tights from JeansWest
Black Top from Cotton On
Boots from Novo
Belt from Sportsgirl
Bangle from Lovisa
Necklace is a gift from my sister
Scarf from Cotton On

Big thanks again to my ever-so-profession photography 'team'- Susan, Mason and Britt. Hey, did you know they're started their own blog called Photographers on King Street? Go on, go over and give them some love. They deserve it! 


  1. I'm loving these dirt-road-catwalk posts. Keep them coming!!

  2. I love these posts! I am a huge leopard print fan (I feel like it's classic kitsch, right?) and this dress looks so cute on you!

  3. Thanks so much gorgeous! I know, I love that classic kitsch too! xx

  4. Thanks beautiful girl! There will definitely be more coming- I'm having too much fun doing them! xx


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