Friday, April 20, 2012

My Five Key Winter Looks.

I know, I know... it's only the middle of April so I'm jumping the gun a little, but here's my post on five key looks and accesories I'll be embracing this Winter. Yep, I've mentally packed away the sandals, bikinis and flippy Summer dresses and am bracing myself for those inevitable frosty mornings. Brr! Bring on the hot chocolates and marshmallows!

Before last year, I can honestly tell you that the last time I donned a pair of leg warmers was in Primary school, where I'd trot off to my dance class in a turquoise and white leotard (complete with tiny white belt), black tights and hot pink leg warmers. Oh, and don't forget the Jiffy shoes! So eighties. Finally the trend has been updated, and I can get enough of a pair of chunky knit leg warmers in neutral shades under a pair of knee high boots. So adorable, and extra toasty as well. Another version of this trend is to slip a pair of knee high socks over tights when wearing skirts or dresses. 

I think you get by now that I'm a tights fanatic. However this year it's a slight change for me- I'm expanding my collection of black patterned and textured tights and I'm going crazy for a dash of colour, especially mustard. Being that I wear a ton of black and grey in Winter, this is the perfect way to inject that shot of colour. I'm also embracing woolen tights, especially those with a snowflake pattern. I'm seeing them everywhere lately and dammit, I want in! Oh, and where can I find a pair of aqua tights like in the last pic? They are gorgeous! 

I have never been a skirt girl. Like, ever. For some reason I always felt they sat strangely on me because of my body shape, but now that I've been working out and lost the baby weight I'd put on after the Little Lion was born, I can't get enough of them. Running has also toned up my legs, and I think it's time to embrace them and show them off! Layered with tights or leggings, ankle boots and a long draped cardigan, these will be a staple in my wardrobe for sure. Cotton On has a special at the moment where you can buy 2 for $30 so if you're looking to stock up head on over! 

Hats were always the one accessory that I bypassed. I would always favour jewelry, scarves and shoes over them, but this year hats, especially beanies, are firmly in my focus. Slouchy beanies, knitted caps and pompoms will all feature and they are the perfect way to hide a bad hair day. Sportsgirl have some adorable ones at the moment, and I've very tempted to buy the Ocelot Mini Bear Hat with ear flaps and pompoms. I wonder if I could pull it off...

Really, can you go go wrong with a draped cardigan? The long lines flatter and elongate your body, especially the waterfall shape. Sleeves, no sleeves, striped, chunky, black, grey, cream, mustard... bring them on. The perfect way to layer and keep warm, and they look fabulous with scarves. Over skirts, dresses, jeans and tops, they're so most versatile item you can own. And if it comes with a hood? Even better. I'm a big hoodie girl. 

Are you going to step out of you comfort zone and embrace a new trend or fashion item you thought you'd never wear? What trend do you have your eye on for the upcoming colder months? Will you be wearing one of my five favorite looks? Let me know all you gorgeous fashionistas! 



  1. I think I'm gonna make my own legwarmers this season! I've made plenty of beanies, it's time to move on haha xx

  2. Ooh, if you're going to make them, are you going to sell them? I'll buy a pair! 

  3. Awesome. If you make some with buttons up the top I'll love you forever :P

  4. Cream please! 

  5. You're a doll. Thanks gorgeous! 

  6. What a happy little converation follows! Made me smile. I loooove summer, but you've made me re-think winter....looks warm and snuggly xx

  7. after 3 consequetive winters being pregnant I am a bit excited to wear normal clothes this year. I'm hesitant to buy too much though as I'm trying to lose weight and am kinda in between sizes buuuuut I will be doing boots over leggings with long cardies. I can't do short skirts or tights as a. they're not really stay at home mum practical and they don't seem to make decent plus size stuff but next year, oh next year I am gonna rock me a mini skirt and tights!!

  8. I love everything and more. 
    I love mustard
    I love leggings
    I need new boots and I'm kicking myself I didn't buy those ones in melbourne.
    I just love to get all snuggly and layer up.

  9. Haha! I'm definitely a Summer person, but I do like the Winter fashion xx

  10. Lovely Liza, I want to see you rocking that skirt and tights! I demand to! xx

  11. I know Lanna loves to as well, but she says she hardly ever gets the chance to in Mackay! You'll have to come to Melbourne soon so you can rug up then :P

  12. You are awesome....creation of god..


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