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Once upon a time, a girl started writing a blog. She did it mainly to keep in touch with family, to keep the loneliness at bay while she was dealing with a newborn, and simply to have a record of her and her Little Lion's life to look back on. 

Then, as she began to work part time, and her little blog began to grow in terms of readers and opportunities, she began to struggle with keeping of multitude of metaphorical balls in the air. Something needed to be done before she broke, and watched them all come crashing down one by one, shards of glass strewn all over the floor. 

I realised this month that I seriously needed to reassess the way I schedule and run my life. I'm thrilled with how this little space is taking off, and my post last Thursday was a real eye-opener for me (thank you so much to all those who commented, your words were all so thoughtful) but I needed to sit down and create a few rules for myself. No longer do I just post here and there with whatever daily rambles come out of my head, but I try to make a concerted effort to keep each post interesting, relevant and engaging to you all. Now obviously, this takes a hell of a lot more time, and to my disappointment I realised that I was taking away time from the Little Lion, which is the very last thing I ever want to do. 

So now, I've placed limits on myself. How have I done this?

  • Get the housework out of the way in the morning, instead of sitting on the couch in PJ's to read blogs. I know which one I'd prefer to be doing, but getting everything done as soon as I'm up means I can exhale, and enjoy the rest of the day! It also means more blogging time later on, which is when I'm in more of a writing mood.
  • When cooking on Monday, make enough to freeze for the week. Those days that I leave at 7am and come home at 5pm mean that I'm wrecked, and can barely think about what to make for myself, let alone for the Little Lion and his allergies. So much easier to have something to defrost for those three days! 
  • I now make sure I limit the time I spend on the laptop, and spend loads of quality time with the Little Lion. Only during nap time do I blog, or after he falls asleep at night. I create my blocks while he paints or reads, we take walks into town and attend swimming lessons on Tuesdays. He will be turning three in July, and our days together, just the two of us, are dwindling down which scares me. I never want to look back and think that I could have done a better job. 
  • Schedule posts for the days I work, unless I suddenly have something super urgent or from the heart that I just really really wanna talk about. 
  • I go for my super long runs on Saturday mornings when Mr Hummingbird is home to watch the Little Lion, and either do a Jillian Workout or a session on the elliptical when he arrives home from work. I try to walk as much as I can to keep my fitness level up. 

I treat my blog now as my second job. I absolutely adore my current teaching job, and can't see myself leaving it in the foreseeable future, so now it's a matter of striking the right balance between work, blogging, the Little Lion, Mr Hummingbird, running, my artwork and simply stuff that I want to do. When I just want to read a book, or an episode of a TV series.

It's difficult, but I'm getting there slowly. Time management is key, and I'm getting to be quite sufficient at multitasking. I tell you what though, when it comes to the Little Lion, I will always catch the ball. There's no way I'll be dropping that one in favour of another one. 

So tell me, what's your best tip when it comes to keeping organised and your life balanced? 



  1. Rhi, I do exactly the same as you - I get up and shower and dress before the kids wake and if I am lucky have breakfast. Then get all the housework out of the way - I have a morning routine and an afternoon or after work routine - means I don't have to think about it. During the week I do most of the housework in the evening as soon as the girls are in bed. The laptop doesn't come out unless I have everything else done and no work, work to do. My best tips are to focus on the kitchen and keep it as tidy as possible at all times to minimise work at the end of the day, wipe down the bathroom and toilet every morning after you shower/get dressed and do a load of washing and put it away every single day.  I run on days I don't work before the kids get up with one long one on the weekend. I also cook up big meals during nap times on days I don't work and freeze. If I keep to my routines then I am usually sitting down at 7.30 with kitchen clean, dishwasher on, floors vacuumed (Evie puts everything in her mouth - I have a ergorapido which is brilliant), everyones clothes laid out for the next morning and lunches packed for the next day with only a load of washing to hang out before bed.

  2.  Oh and even on no work days I pack what we need for the next day the night before, means in the mornings I don't have to run around getting organised to go out to playgroup as the nappy and lunch bags are all packed, shopping lists written etc.

  3. I always have to have a clean kitchen, when it is I feel like the rest of the house is.  I do a quick whip around before bed each night, and do my housework in the morning.
    In relation to blogging, I only do it on Tuesday, Wednesay and Fridays and do it during Phoebe's nap time.  In the morning, when I wake early, I check google reader and my twitter account but usually only then.

  4. I reached a similar crossroads with my (much smaller) blog and ended up taking a break for a couple of months. I'm back on board with a renewed sense of organisation. 
    The most important thing is not to rid your schedule of things you enjoy. Sometimes we are so busy getting the other stuff done we forget to have fun in our day! 
    I have a schedule too: the times I study (I'm at uni), the washing days, mopping, changing linen, etc. It's all in there. I certainly make sure that at the end of the day I tidy up before I go to bed. I meal plan which makes a big difference. I try to stock the freezer with uncomplicated meals: uncooked meatloaf (minus onion), bolognese sauce, casserole, vegie soups. I also freeze sliced bread and rolls. I make big batches of a variety of sweet muffins and freeze them too. 
    And don't forget to delegate! Every little thing counts. The kids tidy up their toys and their rooms with my help. It teaches them big time about responsibility.

  5. Point #3. That is me right now, worrying I don't have the balance right. Mothers guilt is kicking in already. 

  6. Rose, you are such an inspiration to me! You're doing everything I want to be doing, and I just need to give myself a swift kick up the butt as I'm halfway there. I try to keep the kitchen as tidy as possible as like I said, mess gives me anxiety. My aim is to be organised by 7:30 tomorrow morning! Thank you! xx

  7. Thank Bel, I'll be doing a whip around before bed too! Thanks lovely! x

  8. So true about delegation! I've now realised that Carter is at the age where he wants to help pack up, and can. I made a huge batch of Bolognaise and tuna casserole last night, and I feel like I'm starting to get on top of things again. And yes, it's his nap time now but I'm going to forego blogging and watch some Top Model. I need a bit of time out :P Thanks Sonia! xx

  9. Mother guilt is a bitch, isn't it? Funnily enough, we're probably both doing a wonderful job but we're always so hard on ourselves. I hope you feel that you get the balance right soon! xx

  10. Love your post and can totally relate, I have a brand new blog which I love... AND I love reading other peoples blogs, so it's massive balancing act looking after the house and my one year old.  I try to get as much done first thing in the morning, and then I 'reward' myself during the day with time looking at blogs, Twitter and working on my own blog.  Amy xxx

  11. Amy,  I think that's a perfect balance! xx

  12. The Life of ClareApril 15, 2012 at 8:42 AM

    I'm eying to find a balance at the moment. I'm not a mother, so hopefully I've got a rhythm down pat by the time that happens but right now I'm all over the place with work and with blogging, but I'm loving it! It's always great to read posts like this from other bloggers and get a bit of a gauge how others work it out. Thank you.


  13. Thanks Clare! It's definitely good to get a few pointers on how others manage to schedule their life. I'll be checking out your blog too! xx


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