Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Dirt Road Catwalk- Cream and Beige.

I just have to say, my photography students are all kids of amazing. They were so proud of the pics they took for the DKNY post, and were floored by all the positive feedback they received from it. Best yet, they've gained so much confidence in their work and absolutely love going out and doing our 'photoshoots'. Also, I felt it was about time I embraced our arid countryside, so each fortnight I'll be doing a post called 'The Dirt Road Catwalk' and showcasing a few of my favourite looks. So, what do we have this week? 

I adore knits, especially light ones that can be layered. Right now the weather is quite cool in the morning which gives way to burnished sunny skies in the afternoon, so I need to make sure my outfits are versatile. I have on my favourite pair of skinny jeans by Nobody which are an awesome fit, and have actually last me around two years now! I've gone for a long cream knit top by Sportsgirl, and layered with a white tank by Dotti underneath. 

My gorgeous sister gave me the necklace, also from Sportsgirl, and the camel coloured shawl-slash-cardigan. This cardi is fabulous, and I find it to be super handy for when we go out in the evening and the weather cools off. 

The boots I scored for about $40 from Essendon DFO about three years ago, and I immediately fell in love with their petrol grey colour and buckles. The heel size is also the perfect size to give me a little height, but not so tall that my feet are aching by the end of the day! To finish off this outfit I've added my Witchery sunnies and a handful of thin copper coloured bangles from Equip and Diva

As you can see, I love my neutrals and different textures. Layers of cream, white, camel and beige with soft fabrics and knits. I'm a fan of a messy updo, and I like to incorporate colour through accessories and makeup. Although you can't see it in these photographs, I'm wearing a lilac mineral eyeshadow with mineral bronzer and a soft pink lipgloss. 

A big thank you to the lovely Susan for taking the amazing photos, even though you did make me do a hitch-hiking pose, and we almost had a Wolf Creek incident (there's something quite freaky about long dirt roads and random cars). Aren't I lucky to have my own photography and styling team? I tell you what, my students are gonna go far! I just hope they remember me when they're mixing with the rich and famous in the future! 



    New fashion blogger in the making for sure. I love how instead of being someone else, you're embracing your own life, your own surroundings (which is brilliant because you live in a beautiful place) and I believe you'll inspire many other fashionistas out there in the bush. I want more more more!!!
    PS: Well done Susan, these are brilliant!!! You'll have to photograph me to when I come to Mildura next.

  2.  This is great. I love that top and necklace!

  3. Some things just make your heart sing! Pure delight, Susan. Uplifting concept, Rhi- love it, look forward to more xx

  4. Thanks babe. Love you heaps (and I'll send Susan your way :P)

  5. Thank you so much! I've always loved this top, such a good find in the Sportsgirl sale rack! 

  6. Aw, thanks! I'll let Susan know you said that! xx

  7. Beautiful model and beautiful photos.  You must be one very proud teacher !

  8. Bel, that's so lovely. I'm definitely proud, and even more grateful. They make me look good :P

  9. Just wonderful. Such a beautiful setting, a brilliant idea and gorgeous model!

    That reminds me, find a photography student to replace Hubby as photographer, a-sap. ;) 

  10. Start stalking your local high school :P

    Thank you lovely Liss xx

  11. Hang on, aren't there rules about this? :P 

  12. You may only get told a few times to 'move on' before you hit gold. Perseverance! 

    Oh, and if worse comes to worse, I'll bail you out :P


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