Monday, March 19, 2012

The Secret to Running 10km.

Late Friday night after talking to my girl Danimezza I sent one last tweet out before heading to bed which read, 'Ok. Setting a goal and aiming for an 8.5km run tomorrow. Wish me luck!'

A few minutes later I got a reply.

'That's not about luck @HumbirdsSong that's about choice #Yougogirl' 

I sat there looking at it for a few seconds, and then something in my mind clicked. This person was so right, and it was my mentality that had been all skewiffed. I've lost count of the number of times I've set out on a long run with some nervous trepidation, thinking about how difficult it may be and how I may fail. How I've always thought it was an element of luck to push me through and record a personal best.

I could almost hear my brain shift gears and implement this new way of thinking. It was definitely my 'ah ha!' moment. Complete clarity. I could do 8.5km. I chose to.

And then, Saturday morning came.

I put on my new Lorna Jane tights, pink inspiration top and grabbed my ipod nano.

I laced my runners.

I opened the door, and pressed play on my Nike+.

And Oh. My. God.


For me, this was monumental. It's been something I've dreamt of doing for so long, and for it to actually happen and see it in reality was so surreal. Once I finished running Lance Armstrong congratulated me for my longest run yet (no, I'm not hallucinating, it was through Nike+. Unfortunately I don't have my own Lance to give me positive compliments every time I complete a workout. A Matt Damn would be very nice though) I burst through the door sweating, red faced and bursting with happiness and adrenaline. Since I could barely speak I held up 10 fingers to show Mr Hummingbird just how far I'd run, and then collapsed on the floor to remove my poor toes from my runners. 

All through that run, I felt an inner peace. I continued my mantra of I chose to run the distance I want. I chose to take the longer path. I chose to trust in my ability. I chose to be strong enough to complete this run. 

I chose to succeed. And I did.  



  1. Love this. I'm only starting out with the running thing and need to do it all on the treadmill (thanks small children) but on the weekend jogged a km and just wanted to try and make it to 2. And I did. Just because I decided to. Felt amazing! And looking forward to that 2 becoming 10 one day :)

  2. YOU are awesome Rhi , I need to get back to 5km then 10km is my next goal.

  3. Gosh - I'm so impressed. Always wished I was a runner. I blame being tall. Ridiculous I know, but I need to blame something because I am HOPELESS!! Good on you though. Must feel great x

  4. Yay Kate, that's awesome! 1km at a time, that was my motto!

    Oh Trish, thank you so much! You'll get there, if I can, you can!

    TofaTT, thank you! Maybe I can do it because I'm only 163cm tall :P xx

  5. I freaking LOVE this!! Well done you. It's all always in your head. Congratulations. Wow. You are my inspiration, as always.


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