Thursday, March 1, 2012

Outfit Post! Fate.

I'm always on the lookout for clothing that has a slight quirk to it, an embellishment that makes that particular garment unusual and stand out from the others. While shopping with mum this Summer I spied something that I just had to have, and that I felt would be perfect for work. And, bless her, she bought it fo me as a present...

This particular top by Fate is super adorable. Soft, floaty and a light rust colour with tiny gold beads stitched all over. It gathers at both sides and has tiny little bells attached to the ends of the ties. Now, this is really cute, but trust me when I say there's no stealth mode when wearing this. I sound like a cat, and students can hear me from a mile away.

The cuffed black shorts are from Jeans West, and they come with a black canvas belt. I searched high and low for black sandals that were both comfy and stylish, and I finally found a pair at Joanne Mercer. I adore the tiny silver buckles down the side, and the zip at the back makes them super easy to slip on. 

The bracelets are from Diva, and the earrings from Sportsgirl. And, once again, I won't be going anywhere without my favourite sunnies from Witchery



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