Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lorna Jane Loveliness!

It's safe to say that receiving a parcel in the mail is one way for my heart to skip a happy beat. I've actually been known to order things online (with free postage of course) that I could have bought right here at home. Maybe it's the anticipation? Who knows? I can tell you one thing though, my heart skipped a massive happy beat when I received some goodies in the mail last week....

...all dressed up in my favourite shade of pink!

Lorna Jane have been my favourite activewear brand for a while now. Their philosophy of Move, Nourish, Believe- the Year of You resonates strongly with me and simply put, their clothes are well made and damn cute too. Try the motivational video on their website. Trust me, you'll want to get out and run straight away! 

Once Lorna Jane knew about my passion for running, they were generous enough to send me some of their garments to outfit me when training and when completing fun runs this year. To say I was excited when I tore open that package and spied the gorgeous note on top would be the understatement of the year! 

I felt like the team at Lorna Jane had read my mind, as they sent me the workout gear that I had been coveting for months now in beautiful shades of aqua, charcoal, hot pink and electric blue. If you check out their online store, you'll find a whole range of garments in gorgeous candy colours. 

Ok. Confession time here- for about a year I've been using a cheap cotton sports bra to run in that gave me very little support. I didn't see the point in spending the extra dollars on a more expensive one. Then, just after Christmas I took the plunge and splurged on one by another activewear company, and the difference was amazing. I knew I needed another one, and when I spotted that candy pink Pammy Crop I did a little dance of happiness right there on the spot. 

One thing I love about the Lorna Jane range is how they don't just design activewear, but activewear with a motivational element. They know what females want, and their message is to empower and inspire us to both do and be the best we can. One of my favourite lines is their Inspiration Singlets and I actually own a couple. When wearing them, I feel like they mentally give me an edge. I love to layer the aqua 'Energetic' tank over the Pammy Crop while running, and it's also a great one just to wear around the house.  

In the Summer I've been wearing Brooks running shorts, but I knew I'd have to invest in some tights very soon as daylight savings is about to end, and the days are becoming cooler. Lorna Jane girls, I love you to pieces for sending me these fabulous tights! When I first received them I had to go for a run straight away, and I couldn't believe how well they fit. The double fold over waist means you can customise the height, and I found that I liked it up over my stomach to give me extra support. The tights are made from LJExel fabric to wick away moisture, and they have a cute tiny zip up pocket at the back. 

When I'm running or doing a workout I find that if I feel good and look good, then I feel stronger and more energetic. Last Saturday I put on my new LJ gear, laced up my runners and pressed play on my ipod. My feet felt light and I pushed myself to hit a personal best which I achieved of 8km! I'm sure with LJ's help I'll be hitting 10km in a few weeks! 

Lorna Jane are more than just an activewear clothing line, they're a community that I love being part of. You can sign up to Lorna Link and use the forums, check out healthy recipes, discover workout tips and more. I'm going to let you in on a little secret now... I also strongly recommend following them on Twitter and Facebook as they have fab flash deals that are only available to their social media followers. Score! 

I'm not just embracing a healthy lifestyle for me, but for my Little Lion as well. I'm hoping that as he grows, he'll see me as an inspiration which will in turn inspire him to keep fit and healthy. I love having a Lorna Jane lifestyle, I can say with complete confidence that I definitely Move, Nourish and Believe. 

Thank you so much again to the team at Lorna Jane, your pieces are just beautiful and I'm proud to wear them. They give me that extra boost of confidence and energy that feels absolutely amazing! 


  1. Wow that is so nice of them their clothes look really funky, no daggy sportswear fashion in sight! You look smoking hot by the way bursting with energy :)

  2. Such a match made in heaven, you're so gorgeous and were a motivation for me when I started and just about everywhere in between. Your words in week 5 changed my ideas about myself and made it possible to keep going and to ultimately get there.

    The short version, LJ couldn't have picked a better, stronger, more lovely lady to shower with gorgeous product.

    And WOOT, you look HOT.

  3. Oh Michelle, thanks! Their clothes are definitely funky, and I love them to bits!

    Liss, that is SUCH a lovely thing for you to say. I am so, so happy that you kept going and powered through that mental and physical barrier. All my love to you xx

  4. I wrote a comment the other day and it's gone :(

    Perfect relationship, you've done so well to reach your goals and inspire others Rhi I'm glad such a large company like Lorna Jane is supporting you x

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