Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Day, Sunshine.

Ahh.. the weekend. This one is sweeter than normal as I'm now on school holidays and I can almost taste the cocktails I'll be indulging in on Hamilton Island.. but for now, what will I be up to?

Running, running, running. I'm updating my playlist as we speak and I'm about to head off and smash a 12km run.

Having a toddler free night, the first one in almost a year! I get to play dress up and actually wear heels, a nice dress and put on *special* makeup as we attend an engagement party tonight.

All the usual basics- groceries, washing, vacuuming... ugh. All the tedious boring things I despise but still need to be done as messiness stresses me out. 

OK. Playlist is updated, now it's time to lace up those runners. What are you up to this weekend my lovelies? 


  1. Yay holidays for me too!!  I need to hear all about your trip when you get back, we are going on our Familymoon there next holidays.
    With such a beautiful day, it's a bummer that daylight savings ends tonight!  I'll be out doing some gardening today and start organise the house to pack for our camping trip.
    Have a great holiday x

  2. Oh exciting, I'll definitely tell you all about it when I get back! I'm sad daylight savings is ending too, I love those long balmy evenings. Enjoy your weekend Bel! 

  3. Busy one, Rhi!

    I'm working but have scheduled lots of chill out and relaxing time.   Lukewarm baths, meditation, passive yoga and ... lots of ice cream!  Doing slack arse runs at the moment.  Good on you for 12k!

    SSG xxx

  4. Wow, how long does a 12k run take you? I wish I was a runner, but alas, I am not. 

  5. SSG, that sounds lovely! I have honeycomb and nougat ice cream in my freezer.. thinking I may indulge tonight!   

  6. Unfortunately I didn't make the 12km run yesterday as I had multiple things working against me )which I'll post about on Monday) but 11km takes me an hour. You can be a runner, just start with the couch to 5km program! xx

  7. I had a baby-free night aswell! Dressed up, made-up and heels on! So much fun. Go you and your 12kms. You're amazing x

  8. So good isn't it! Didn't quite make the 12km, but will tackle it next time! x


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