Thursday, March 15, 2012

Creating a Sanctuary.

One of the favourite parts of my day is when my Little Lion finally falls off into the land of nod for his daytime nap. Now, I don't mean it's because I won't see him for the next couple of hours, but it's the only time of the day I get some 'me' time (unless Mr Hummingbird comes home before dark and I manage to fit a run in).

I now have a routine. I quickly grab a cuppa and my laptop and head to my favourite room to chill out, skype my fave people, blog or simply watch some TV online. I've created a little sanctuary in our bedroom, a space where I immediately relax and feel at ease. I think it's so important to have a place to escape to, where we're surrounded by our favourite things. So, how do you create a sanctuary?

1. Sense of smell is so important. I always have a scented candle or oils burning in whatever my favourite scent is at the time- zesty citrus for Summer and cranberry and spice for Winter. Cinnamon and Vanilla is another favourite. 

2. Stock up in something you can get cosy in. I love our bed linen- crisp whites with beautiful neutral printed throw cushions and a little black sequined one for a bit of sparkle. I'm on the lookout for a cashmere throw or blanket for Winter. 

3. Lighting. In the evening I turn on a standing lamp and use our salt lamp tea light, but during the day our room is flooded with beautiful sunshine through the wooden blinds. I told Mr Hummingbird I need as much natural light as possible in our next house, even if the whole front of the house is glass!

4. Images of what instantly makes your soul lift. I have a black and white photo of the Little Lion on my bedside table, and a huge painting of lillies just above my bed to inject a shot of colour in the room. 

5. I've made a special effort to make sure that I always have fresh flowers or foliage in the room. Although I sometimes just have a single rose,  I currently have orange blossom foliage in a vintage milk bottle glass that brings another dimension of colour.

6. Keep your little sanctuary neat. Now, the rest of the house might look like a tornado has raced through it with the Little Lion's toy cars and books all over the floor of the lounge, but mess has always had a negative impact on me so I try to keep our room as clean and neat as possible. Instant unwind when I step inside it. 

7. Sound. Music plays such an important part of relaxation, so I make sure my ipod and docking station is ready to go. While I may have blood pumping, up tempo tunes for working out, I have a relaxation playlist for down time including some of my all time favourite artists such as Angus and Julia Stone, The Whitlams, Eskimo Joe and Josh Pyke. 

8. I keep a rotation of sentimental objects on my dresser in a little wooden box decorated with elephants. I've always loved elephants, and have one in nearly every room. The box holds things like my rings, notes, shells and other bits and pieces which mean nothing to others, but everything to me. 

9. I don't work in my little sanctuary, unless it's something I'll enjoy (like blog writing). I try to avoid having any stress attached to the room, to avoid creating a negative memory or imprint.  

10. Take inspiration from magazines, Pinterest and blogs, but stay true to your own sense of design. Decorate and adorn your space with what speaks to you, and what you have a connection with. Surround yourself with what you love and what makes you comfortable- others may not 'get' it, but who cares? Do what makes you happy! 



  1. Such a fantastic idea. When we do our house reno and add our new master bedroom, I've planned for one corner to be a cosy nook for reading, relaxing, looking out the window and dreaming. Window seat included.. I can't wait!

  2. Oh I LOVE a window seat! Make sure you come back and show me photos when it's complete, I would love to see!

  3. Such a beautiful post. I am moving home next week and this has inspired me to give my bedroom a real sense of 'me' as the rest of the house reflects mother and daughter. Thank you. :)

  4. My pleasure Faye, I'm so glad it's inspired you! xx


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