Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apps are Fab. Free Ones Even Better.

In Primary school, we had one computer that sat at the back of the classroom. It was a Mac Classic, which was one level up from the Mac you had to insert a floppy disk in to start. This Mac was coveted by every kid in my class, and it was survival of the fittest when it came to having a go at playing the games on it. Whoever sat playing games such as Dark Castle and Crystal Quest would often have a throng of kids surrounding them, starting at the screen and completely enthralled by those little black and white pixelly characters battling their way through each level. Shazam! Instant popularity!  

Oh, I was queen of Dark Castle, and I wore that with pride. The first one to clock it, take that boys! It did help having a mum that worked at the same Primary School though, so I played the hell out of that game to beat the boredom while she was in meetings after school finished. 

I could throw a bommy-knocker like no-ones business...

There is a point to all this. The point is that the difference between my Primary school experience with technology and today absolutely staggers me sometimes. Every kid at our school has a laptop or netbook, and ipads are available for use anytime. At two and a half the Little Lion already knows how to use an ipad and iphone, and he eagerly grabs mine to play with the toddler apps while we're out grocery shopping, or waiting at the doctors.

I've only downloaded free apps for him at this stage as Mr Hummingbird and I are trying this novel new thing where we don't spend any money on anything other than necessities, and start saving megabucks. 

As I said, novel. (It's absolutely killing me though. Oh Sass dress, how I want you so very badly...)

Anyway, here are a few apps that I've found to be fantastic, and has kept the Little Lion happy and entertained and not straining to grab tomatoes or crying when I won't buy him a Toy Story birthday card. Thanks ever so much Coles put putting them directly at toddler-in-trolley eye level...

  • ABC for Kids- Nursery Rhymes, Bananas in Pyjamas and Giggle and Hoot. Carter is quite the Giggle and Hoot fan at the moment, so this one is right up his alley. Although, if I have to hear Banana Detectives one more time...
  • Doodle Buddy- An app for drawing, stamping, scribbling and painting in a myriad of colours. Easy to use too- simply shake the phone to clear the page.
  • Wiggles Big Aussie Road Trip- The music will drive you crazy so it's a good idea to turn it down. The puzzles are great though, and has definitely taught Carter patience and persistence. 
  • I Hear Ewe- 3 pages of animals and transport icons. Touch them to hear the name of each creature/transport object and what noise they make. Carter absolutely loved this when he was younger, but he seems to have grown out of it now. Saved my life (and sanity) when our flight was delayed at the airpot.
  • Talking Tom Cat- Tom the cat will repeat everything you say in a funny voice, and will interact you. You can stroke his fur, pull his tail and poke him. Added bonus is he can't swipe your face with razor sharp claws when you pull his tail one too many times.
  • Toddler Shape Preschool- A great app for learning and recognising shapes. Colourful quizzes and also offers fun rewards. This app is definitely helping Carter name different shapes! Bit of funky 80's electropop for background music too!

If you know of any other free apps your toddler loves, please let me know in the comments below. I'm always on the lookout for new ones for him! 



  1. My son is in love with I Hear Ewe at the moment. Its all about the animals!
    I'm sure going to be hunting for some others off your list - hopefully we can give the animals a break!

  2. A great list, thanks Rhi! I'm really slack at the moment and just let Max play with whatever apps my husband has on his ipad (he usually ends up on youtube watching yo gabba gabba on repeat).

    I'm going to have a look at these and make a special page of apps dedicated to Max :)

  3. Back, every time Carter pressed the raccoon one he'd laugh then try and tickle me under the chin. Not quite sure why, but it was funny!

    That's great Tamsyn! We're getting Carter an ipad for his birthday, so hopefully I'll find some awesome apps for that too.

  4. I don't have the I version, but on my android, Hudson loves 'Puzzingo' a puzzle game that keeps him occupied for hours if I'd just let him!

  5. Urgh...it's so difficult to save up. I feel you!

    I've also given you a Versatile Blogger Award! :)


    Samantha xx


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