Monday, February 6, 2012

Couch to... 12km?

A colleague and I were having a chat last week when I mentioned that I enjoyed running. His eyes brightened when I said this, and I discovered that he was once a keen runner too. He started asking me all the normal questions, such as what distances I was running, the times, etc, and then asked me the big one.. was I training for anything?

One of my goals last year was to enter the 12km Adelaide City-Bay fun run and unfortunately I didn't make it. Disappointed? Yes. I trained all through the summer reaching a peak of 8km, but once the colder weather set in all my motivation shriveled up and I hung up my runners until the sun returned. Yes, I'm lame. 

My colleague is now pushing me to enter this year (he even mentioned a marathon, and I told him he was crazy. Just a little out of my league there!) and I think if I have someone motivating me I'll be able to do it. Yesterday I decided to push myself and instead of turning to the right to do my short 5k course, I headed left and completed 7kms. Yes, I almost collapsed at the end (hence the sharp downward spiral), but I did it! 

I'm going to try and commit to running the longer distances on Sundays again, the shorter ones through the week and get my stamina going. Times I'm not too fussed about yet, I just want to make sure I can last the distance! Next goal is 8km... and I'm giving myself three weeks to get there. Wish me luck! 



  1. go you!!! i've just started the Couch to 5k. I'm aiming to do it 6 times a week and have Saturday as a rest day. i'm in AGONY today [i'm on day 2] but felt AMAZING after i'd done it and it actually felt a little bit easier than yesterday! i think i might have hit on something that works for me!

    i shall be cheering you on, from the sidelines, you CAN do this, you got this!!


  2. Aw, thanks Rach! Trust me, it will definitely get easier. I'll be cheering you on too my dear! xx


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