Thursday, January 12, 2012

Immersed in a Fictional World.

I was laying down on my towel, scatters of sand dusted across my left arm. About twenty meters away a family were playing beach cricket, and from the corner of my eye I could make out a rainbow coloured umbrella. The sun beat down fiercely on my back and a cool breeze continued to whip my fringe into my eyes, but I barely registered any of it.


Well, have you ever had one of those books that draws you in so utterly, so completely that you just want to devour the whole thing in just one sitting? That the fictional world you enter is coloured so deliciously that reality is tuned out and suspended temporarily?

I love it when that happens. I love a book that transports me to another time. I've always adored books, and had multitudes of them lining my shelves all through my childhood, and I've carried that into the present. I find it difficult to sleep without reading something before bedtime. 

The moment the Little Lion went down for his nap, I'd grab a drink, a snack, my towel and my book and I'd bliss out for the next couple of hours, pausing only to check the tennis score or answer a question posed by Mr Hummingbird (as long as it didn't require an in depth answer. I mean, please. I'm reading here!). 

However, reaching the ending of the novel was always a dilemma for me. I craved knowing what was going to happen, I even discussed the possible outcomes and kept Mr Hummingbird up to date with the plot, but I was also trying to slow down my speed reading. I'd tear myself away and make myself take multiple breaks as I simply didn't want it to end. And, when it did.... there was an emptiness. I felt fidgety and aimless. 

For me, the only way to cure this is to get straight onto another book. I'm sure sure which one yet... although I've read good reviews on the Nikki Gemmell novels, so I might give them a go. Thank you very much Stephen King for 11.22.63, you kept me entertained right until the very end!


  1. Good to know. I'm always looking for novels that get me right in. The last Stephen king novel I read left me wanting but I'm prepared to give him another go with your high recommendations. The last book I read that really got me in was Tully by Paullina Simons. It's not a thriller or anything but the relationships in it were so intriguing I just had to find out how it ended. xx

  2. Ooohhh - the new Stephen King. Glad you loved it, I also relish those book moments.

    Will read it once I've cleared my current back log of must reads.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. I'm reading The Bronze Horseman at the moment and I've been reading it slower than normal because I don't want it to end! Know exactly what you mean, there's nothing like getting lost in a great book.

  4. Oh I SO know what you mean!! I hate getting to the last page of a good book. I've been entrenched in Penny Vincenzi lately. Easily digestible, good stories, escapism - the perfect combination...


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