Monday, October 10, 2011

A Tiny Knot.

Today, I'm trying to keep busy.

If I keep busy, maybe I won't have time to think about how much I miss my parents, extended family and the beach lifestyle in Perth itself.
The Little Lion and I are slightly out of whack today, and are adjusting to the three hour time difference. He was such a star yesterday, behaving beautifully on both flights and in the terminals. I had a slight mishap though where I'd accidentally filled Carter's sippy cups too much, thus resulting in milk spraying in massive proportions and absolute mortification on my behalf. My only saving grace was that the seat next to me was empty, so it was only Carter and myself who got drenched. The lovely flight attendants came to my rescue and after a wipe down, we were fine.

So like I said, I'm keeping ridiculously busy. There are gardens to weed, washing to do, cupboards to reorganize, a car to wash and I've already unpacked and attacked the groceries. It's helping. Although, there is a tiny little knot in my stomach that's reminding me of my second home. 

It may take a few days for it to start to disappear... although I don't think it will ever disappear in it's entirety.


  1. It's hard to go back after an experience as lovely as that. Hang in there, life will come back into focus soon enough. And if not, maybe start planning to move. :P

    Love all the beach pics. Stunning.

  2. Goodbyes are never easy the only pleasant thing to come from them is gratefulness that we are able to take all the special memories with us when we leave. Little Lion will have you back to normal in no time my friend; love how they can do that.

    Always Wendy


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