Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Breakthrough.

A few nights ago I had a moment. A moment where I cried tears of happiness and relief. 

Now, this is going to sound really small and insignificant to some. It's not some earth shattering, momentous occasion where a proposal occurred, or I discovered that the shoes I had been lusting over where discounted by 90%, or I had won an overseas holiday for ten days in the Bahamas.

Quite simply, the Little Lion voluntarily picked up, and ate some food that he had never tried before. 

Let me paint the scene for those of you who aren't familiar with our journey. Carter has quite a few food issues which include multiple food allergies and intolerance's, and a fear of anything new. He refuses all forms of finger food unless it's toast, grapes or sultanas. For a toddler that's just turned two, this has been a high stress area on my part, and I was wondering when we'd ever get to that magic finger food stage.

So, I developed a new strategy. It's not the most convenient, but each night I've been sitting on the floor with my tea. The Little Lion would wander over, curiosity etched all over his face, and he'd sit down and point to each food item, where I'd then tell him the name of such food. Tomato. Chicken. Carrot. Sprouts. 

It's progressed from pointing, to picking up a piece of food, to tasting it... and now to eating. I'm floored. I'm relived, and I seriously can't believe that it happened. I was so excited that I even text Danimezza about it. 

I'm actually looking forward to meal time tonight and seeing if he'll attempt anything else. I know we'll still have our ups and downs with food... but I'm so thrilled with his eating those bits of lamb cutlet, spinach leaves and carrot that nothing can burst my bubble. Baby steps... we'll get there eventually. 


  1. I have a similar post saved in my drafts! My little man doesn't have any intolerances but he has simply refused to touch foods! It wasn't that he wouldn't eat them - He would if I broke it off and fed it to him or put it in his mouth. But he wouldn't have a bar of feeding himself! So frustrating. We have been persisting though and after a lot of wasted food we are finally doing some self feeding :) Hope this is the start of Carter trying lots of new foods and doing the same for you!

  2. Bugger the Bahamas! That's amazing and awesome news! if you have to sit on the floor for three meals a day so be it. Whatever works hun! xx

  3. Not small or insignificant at all. I'm really happy for you that he's started to tr new foods :)

  4. @Newmumma I was hoping someone else would understand the frustrations we've been going through! Good luck to you too sweetie, I hope your little man is on the right track now too!

    @Katie Thanks so much for your support lovely xx Although, I think there'd be tears of happiness if I won a trip to the Bahamas too...

    @Suger Thanks gorgeous xx

    @Tamsyn Thanks lovely! Here's hoping it continues!

  5. Yay! That is such exciting news! Hope he continues to eat well, and give you some relief!


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