Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wanted- A Window Seat.

I have a thing about window seats. Yep. Like, I really have a thing for them. The thought of curling up in my own little nook in the sunshine, blissed out and reading whatever novel I'm currently into fills me with little happy vibes. Somehow, I'm going to get a window seat worked into the plans of my new house. I'm not sure how it's going to happen yet, but all I know is that I need one!

Below are a few that I've saved and continue to refer back to for inspiration. Don't you just feel like curling up in one of them now?

Source: via Rhian on Pinterest

Source: via Rhian on Pinterest

I think my favourite would have to be a toss up between the second and last window seat. I just love the idea of sunlight spilling through huge windows in a light, neutral coloured room with gorgeous natural textures and tones. All I'd now are some comfy cushions and some beautiful little succulents to add a splash of green. Have you got a window seat in your house?

All images can be found on my Pinterest Board.


  1. That second one took my breath away. LOVE IT. I want to knock out the back wall of my house {currently two back spare rooms my sis lives in} and build on now!

    I'm sure my sis won't mind. She can't live here forever. :P

  2. i love the second one too! i wish and love!

  3. I definately want a window seat in my next home, if it doesn't have one I'll build it in! I just love them with big windows and the sun coming through, perfect place to curl up with a book or the laptop :)


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