Friday, July 22, 2011

Target Toy Sale!

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The Little Lion is turning a whopping two years old on Sunday, and naturally my husband and I began to have conversations about what exactly we would be getting him for a present. To be honest, I had no idea and looked to the Toy Sales for a bit of help and guidance.

Now, pre-Carter I would roll my eyes and wonder why on earth my friends with kids would talk excitedly about upcoming toy sales and plan strategies about when to go in, how to beat the crowd and make sure they had one of those ultimate ‘it’ toys of the year in their possession.

Now, I get it!

I had a couple of toys in mind for Carter that I would love to get him, and actually felt a bit worried that I may miss out! I eagerly scanned each catalogue that arrived at my doorstep, and poured over them online. The Target Toy Sale had over 300 toys exclusive to Target, and while taking my time to browse through them I noticed that there were stacks of half price offers on some of the biggest brands which was perfect for a girl on a budget like myself!

Carter is currently going through a bit of a dinosaur phase, so I decided on Boris from Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train series would be perfect for him. I then starting thinking about the fact that I should take advantage of these awesome savings and begin a lay-by list for Christmas as well.

The Target Early Bird lay-by system is incredibly easy to use, and the best part about it that you can beat the queues and do all your browsing at home! This also put my fears of missing out on the toys I had chosen for him to rest.

So, once the Little Lion went down for his afternoon nap I grabbed a cuppa and clicked onto and searched through all the available toys. All I needed to do was register, then click on each toy I wanted to add to my lay-by list.

After my list was completed, I then selected my nearest Target store and submitted my list online. Once I received a confirmation email I simply printed it off, took it to my nearest store and had it activated. Super easy, and beats trying to juggle and manoeuvre a trolley full of toys down multiple aisles! 

I have to admit though, I couldn't help myself. Even though I had gone in to simply submit my list and grab one toy for Carter, I ended up with a trolley full. Oops!

Even my partner in crime Margaret couldn't help herself, and was a very bad influence on me, telling me to buy 'one of this' and 'one of that' for the Little Lion!

We also decided to buy Carter a swing set for Christmas, and is was so easy to simply hand the list over and know that I didn't have to worry about it again until December. A 10% deposit is required and you have up to Wednesday August the 3rd to submit your list. Just a note, after submitting your list you need to wait until the following day before you can activate your list in store.

I really can’t wait until I get to see the look on his little face when he opens up his presents and discovers his new Jim Henson Dinosaur Train toys! I think I'm more exited than he is!

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