Thursday, July 14, 2011

Polly Dolly- Ugg Boots

I apologise for how quick this post is, but I'm trying to sneak it in before going to bed! 

The Polly Dolly theme for this week is (or are)... Ugg Boots!

Ugg Boots

Owl shirt
$17 -

Goldsign skinny jeans
$240 -

Tom Ford oversized sunglasses
€250 -

Shiseido Perfect Mascara
$23 -

Kids' Solid Henley Hoodie
$40 -

I will admit, I do own a pair but I'm only allowed to wear them in the house. My husband refuses to let me be seen in public with them :P

I would much rather the ugg boots I've chosen for Polly today, and I can imagine wearing them in Winter with a snuggly hoodie , dark skinny jeans and a funky tank. In fact, I don't think I could bear to take them off, I'd probably end up wearing them to work!

Wanna play? Go and check out Danimezza!


  1. So comfy and warm. Perfect winter!

  2. I love that shirt and jacket, fabbo set.


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