Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Lion!

I still can't believe it's been two years since the Little Lion came into our lives. We celebrated this morning with family, friends, presents, balloons and of course, cake. I found a cake mix with was egg, gluten, dairy and nut free which was pretty amazing! Excuse my wobbly attempts for dinosaurs, I know they resemble dogs but it's the thought that counts :P The cake itself wasn't too bad, a lot denser than normal cake mix but was still nice.

This afternoon we're recovering from the sugar overload ingested this morning, and taking it easy. I'm blogging, Deon is off to the gym and Carter is sitting next to me playing with his new Leap Frog laptop. 

Carter, you are such an amazing little boy and the absolute light of my life. Seeing your cheeky little smile and feeling your arms wrap around my legs for a spontaneous hug are the highlights of my day. Little Lion, we love you past the stars xx


  1. Happy Birthday
    ROAR Loudly
    Live Wisely

  2. aww happy birthday to your little Lion! :o)

  3. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy!!


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