Monday, July 11, 2011

Finding A Special Moment in Simplicity.

Last Wednesday morning the sun burst out from behind the dark grey clouds that had been lurking in the sky over the past week, so we decided to take advantage of the unexpected warmth and head outside to get stuck into some gardening.

While mum weeded and I pruned (or, hacked viciously into) the roses, Carter had the time of his life. He chatted to Mischa the cat, played with the soil and caught grasshoppers. He helped to cart weeds to the wheelbarrow and even at one stage tried to grab the shovel and help dig a hole.

It may have been tiring work, and I have to say I'm not exactly a green thumb so I normally head out into the garden under duress, but there was something so peaceful and comforting about that morning. Maybe it was the sunshine after such bitterly cold days. Maybe it was seeing Carter laugh and babble his little head off. But honestly, I think it was mum being there with us. For me, she makes every moment special.

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