Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Jamie Fan.

There are a couple of shows on TV that capture the Little Lion's attention which come in handy when I need a few minutes to complete those things that are really so much easier to do when you don't have a toddler hanging off you. Things like making tea, putting away washing or even just having a few minutes to yourself for a sanity break. 

Yo Gabba Gabba, Mister Maker, Tinga Tales and Sesame Street are all favourites here, and I can actually tolerate them! (Oh, and Bookaboo is welcome here too. Anything else will get the chop unless I'm sick and need to occupy him somehow). I was actually quite happy to see The Killers perform on Yo Gabba Gabba recently. The biggest surprise however, was to see him totally captivated whenever Jamie's 30 Minute Meals came on. 

Now, as I've mentioned previously, I'm a big Jamie fan and I'd have to say that 30 Minute Meals is the best cookbook I've ever owned. So, the fact that Carter is a huge fan of Jamie's as well is perfect for me! Now I'm just hoping that one day it will all rub off on Carter and he'll be the one wanting to cook tea for us all in the future!


  1. Oh such a cute picture! I have a similar one of me, except I'm watching a politician .. hmm. your blog is so lovely, i hope you don't mind a new follower. x

  2. That is so cute, he's old enough to reach the pots and pans by now surely ... well almost ;)

  3. Thanks Georgi, I'd love for you to stick around! :P

    Michelle, he opened a door yesterday and the fact that he can now reach door handles is a whole new worry for me!



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