Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Another Monday Morning.

The little lion was frustrated this morning. He'd had enough of being inside, and was banging the front door demanding to be let out. I scooped him up, popped his shoes on and we sat out the front in the sunshine.

We heard a thump from above, then a very pitiful 'meoooooow!' Mish was on the roof and wanted to join us, but was unable to get down. Carter thought it was pretty funny.

 I was pretty excited to see that his gorgeous little slip on shoes from Urban Baby that I bought for him last Christmas finally fit. They're perfect for around the home, as they're just like socks with rubber soles. 

While watching his busy little hands dig through the dirt, I wondered if he would follow in his dad's footsteps and become a builder. If he did, he's be the fourth generation in the family business. Pretty amazing.  (No pressure though little lion, you can be whatever you like!)

Mischa finally jumped off the roof and rolled around in the sunshine, playing with Carter.

What a beautiful morning.

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