Sunday, April 25, 2010

Polly Dolly Challenge- Gymwear


Is it sad that I’ve been hanging out for another challenge all week?

Anyway, the lovely Danielle at Danimezza has set this weeks theme as Gym Wear. Quite fitting actually, as I was telling her the other day about how I desperately needed to get back to the gym!

Polly Dolly- Gym Wear

Although I normally stick to whites, greys and blacks, I do like to splash a bit of colour in. This time, I've gone for yellow. I love Capri pants, and stick to singlets or tanks when working out. I never leave home without my ipod and ipod armband, and I've discovered Gabriella Cilmi's new song 'On a Mission' is great to work out to. Hair ties are a necessity. I can't bear the thought of having my hair down while working out. And, of course, I have to throw in the Rexona and a nude lipgloss!

After taking Carter swimming today, I enrolled him in the gym's creche. It was hard, I didn't particularly want to have to do that, but with mum away so much I didn't really have a choice. He's booked in tomorrow while I do a Body Attack class... I know he'll be fine, it's more me that I'm worried about! I haven't done a class since I was 5 weeks pregnant with him!

8th April 2010

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