Friday, October 2, 2009

Bits and Pieces.

A couple of days ago I made the decision to look into a gym membership. I've been a little frustrated as the weather has been pretty awful, and I've been unable to do my daily walk with Carter. I need to get fit. I need to get my energy levels up. I need to feel better about myself. Also, we're heading into Summer, and the thought of exercising outdoors in 40 degree heat isn't exactly appealing!

The other bonus of getting a membership at waves is having access to the pool, and being able to enroll Carter in swimming lessons at 6 months. I can't wait for that!

On another note.. this week has been fantastic. It's been wonderful to have Lan here, and to see Carter spend time with her and create a solid bond. We've been hanging out each day, watching One Tree Hill, shopping and playing with Carter. Life couldn't be better right now.

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