Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Nic!

Today is a reason why I love the Spring holidays. It was a gorgeous 26 degrees, and it was spent in the revamped beer garden of The Sandbar with some lovely ladies. Bliss.

It was Niccy's birthday today, and I found it quite easy to buy a present for her, as she has the exact same taste as me in nearly everything. Plus, she's a domestic goddess. So, when I ventured into House and spotted this, I knew it was perfect:
It's a professional icing set with various cookie template shapes. How fun! I want one for myself!

Also, New Zealand is completely paid for, and I got a FABULOUS tax return back, twice as much as I normally get. I wish every day could be like today!!


  1. Awww... my day seems pretty average compared to that! Congrats on the Tax and NZ is so close now!!! I WANT THE ICING GUN... but don't need it. Lucky lady.

  2. I want the icing gun too!! I think I'll have to go get one for myself!


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