Monday, August 25, 2008

Delicious Cobb Dips.

Our department was on morning tea duty this morning, so I decided to so something different from the sausage rolls, party pies and saveloys that EVERYONE brings. I bought two Cobb loaves from bakers delight, and made two dips to go in each one; a french onion and spring vegetable with spinach and cheese in both. I cut up mountains of carrot and celery sticks to place around each one too.

They were so popular! In 20 minutes, both had disappeared completely. I may have to do three next time!

If anyone is interested in making the dip, all you need is 500ml Sour Cream, half a bunch of shredded spinach, french onion or spring vegetable soup mix and some grated cheese. Yummo!


  1. Yummo!
    I love cob loaves. fry bacon and onion in a pan. Add sour cream, grated cheese and chives to a bowl and mix. add the bacon and onion to the bowl and add to the hallowed out cob loaf. Huge hit at bbqs. yummm.... drool

  2. I will have to try that one next time!


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