Friday, July 18, 2008

Positive Turn of Events

A plan is being made at the moment.

Next Thursday and Friday, I'm off to Melbourne with 36 year 9 students for the culture trip. The best bit will be seeing the broadway hit Wicked, and the even better bit is that we have an extra ticket from a student pulling out, so Lanna gets to come too! *happy dance*

I'm trying to wrangle it so that I'm allowed to stay in Melbourne, rather than having to head back on the bus. If all goes to plan, Shane is going to pick Deon up and they will both drive down on the Friday and meet me at Lan's house in Melbourne that night. Then, who knows for the rest of the weekend.. shopping.. AFL matches...bring it on!

On another note, last night Deon and I went to see The Dark Knight and it was amazing. So dark and film noir- exactly the way I like my movies! Even though it ran fo 2 1/2 hours I didn't fidget or become bored once... was very impressed.

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