Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Progress On the Home

Just a little preview of the sort of house Deon and I are looking at building. It's going to be a complete eco home, camouflaging in with the surroundings, and built out of materials such as timber cladding, iron and steel. I desperately wanted an atrium in our house, but Deon was quick to extinguish that, saying atrium's were a builders nightmare, and only attracted damp and termites. OK. So, to compromise, the whole back end of the house (on the left) will be glass, overlooking a garden made out of a 'dry river bed' and spiky native grasses. Should be awesome.

To see some ideas of what our house will look like on the outside, check out Modscape- Homes for Sustainable Living

I'm looking forward to doing the inside.. lots of white to keep it bright with some feature walls in latte or coffee, and lots of accents in lime and aubergine using furniture and artwork. Porter Davis actually has some really good ideas for interior design.


  1. i love it!! the floor plan is awesome! fun fun xx

  2. Thanks Pan! I think Deon and I have finally found a winner...

  3. Wow, i think this one is better than the one with the atrium. Go team.


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